leaning in…4-13-20

Leaning in.  Right?  That’s what’s called for.  Mostly I’m plunked down right in the discomfort, tenderness, vexation, despair, confusion, distress.  It’s breath-taking to bear witness to such a variety of emotional onslaught.  Then moments like yesterday sneak up and the urgent need to crawl out of my skin becomes overwhelming.  And leaning in feels like some new age sorry ass joke.  In the midst of losing it, my asleep-on-the-job inner sage shook herself alert and ordered me OUTSIDE.  Within minutes of landing at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area , my nervous system hummed into equanimity.  Wide open sky, egrets flirting in the reeds, gravel crunch under sneakers, even a family of otters huffing us to steer clear.  And then, in a random patch of clover, I found a four leaf one.  Stuff like that happens when I’m present.

I don’t think I’m the only future-focused human.  Which makes it challenging to be present.  What lies ahead is compelling and worthy of contemplation.  To a certain extent.  But the most gigantic truth is that WE DON’T KNOW.  And our minds and hearts, when they’re not drowning in sorrow and compassion for what was and what is, leap ahead to teeter totter between anticipatory grief  (awesome read) and, in the best moments, a cautious optimism.  It is exhausting.

Which is why I want to write about self-care.  Except it’s been written about in every get yourself together essay out there these days ad nauseum.  But it’s been my hot topic of choice for about forever.  I won’t dive in and flesh out the obvious—good food, quality rest, creative outlet, human connection, stillness, exercise.  But I am going to talk about tending our human bodies because that little hunk of self-care is my thing.  And it was utter joy to meet with many of you thru the ethers last Tuesday for a first ever on line Essentials.  After we said good-bye at eleven, I sat for a long time in stunned silence.  Completely surprised at how well this particular work—self-release with foam rolling—translated in the Zoom room. 

Don’t get me wrong…I adore teaching a room of living breathing human beings.  Offering my touch and on the spot guidance.  Yet here we are.  And my strong suit as a teacher—the ability to clearly articulate physical instruction—it serves well at home on your mat.  You don’t even need to see the screen.  I’m with you.  When you do look at the screen, close up technique views, never available in a group setting, create a ton of ease.  It feels  like magic.  Who would have guessed?

Soap box moment: this offering is all about self-care.  Always has been.  Yet I’m aware now, more than ever, we’re being called to crank it up a notch.  One step beyond self-care.  It feels like something steeper: self-reliance.  Those of us who regularly lean into hands-on support—massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, energy healing—have to do without for a spell.  This is an opportunity to learn an uncomplicated way to be our own best body worker.

So I’m moving forward, but I’m in no hurry.  Because I sense we’re in this for a while.  And maybe even when we’re not, maybe even when this is over (future focus!), on line might be a viable way to offer this medicine.  Whatever. This Tuesday we’ll review the foundational roller techniques from last Tuesday and see what we’re ready to add on.  Each class will stand alone. So you can drop in on any Tuesday that works for you.  Or dive in with regularity, feel your home practice emerge as we gently build together.

Current link for Zoom, equipment purchase, option to donate—all on this web page: LINK Want to review what we did last Tuesday?  Catch the first part of this YouTube LINK.

Lean in, be well and I am totally jazzed to practice with you this Tuesday. 

Love, bella

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